Permanent Make Up Tattooing

Permanent makeup (also called micropigmentation) is, plain and simple, a facial tattoo. The same products and/or tools are not used that a traditional body tattooist uses, but in theory, it is the same. Once you come in you will fill out a health history form,then a topical anesthetic will be applied to make you as comfortable as possible. Imagine waking up with your eyeliner, brows, and lips already done!

After photos are taken immediately following procedure. Vaseline and swelling are shown. Pigment will also look more natural after 4 days. Pricing is estimated upon consulation. Call 715-854-7766 if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment or youcan reach Sarah directly at

• Powdered/Shaded Look
• Simple Brow
• Hair Strokes

• Eyelash Enhancement
• Top Liner Only
• Bottom Liner Only
• Full Eyeliner
• Two Color Eyeliner

• Liner
• Shading
• Full


"So glad to have this kind of pampering so close to home! The service is exceptional!"

Tammy Schlies, facebook review.

"There is no salon that compares to the amazing talent and passion at unique transitions!"

Megan Shelby, facebook review.

"Amazing talent in this salon! Love walking out of there feeling and looking amazing!"

Mellissa Marie, facebook review.